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Wifi hotspots in Franca: Find Trustive wireless internet access in Franca, Brasil


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  • 768677 -20.549640100000 -47.413828800000 Bar/Restaurant McDonald's - Franca Shopping Center (SSID: Oi WiFi) Rio Negro Av., 1100 Estacao, 14406-901 Franca Brasil
  • 767210 -20.537633300000 -47.390073400000 Bar/Restaurant McDonald's - Franca Drive (SSID: Oi WiFi) Doutor Ismael Alonso Y. Alonso Av., 2340 Sao Jose, 14403-430 Franca Brasil
  • 910105 -20.538473000000 -47.390698000000 Bar/Restaurant Mc Donald's (SSID: Linktel WiFi) 2340 Av. Dr. Ismael Alonso y Alonso, 14403-430 Franca Brasil
  • 910107 -20.552421000000 -47.404289000000 Bar/Restaurant Mc Donald's (SSID: Linktel WiFi) 311 Rua da Fraternidade, 14403-120 Franca Brasil
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