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Wifi hotspots in Macae: Find Trustive wireless internet access in Macae, Brasil


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  • 768751 -22.371721800000 -41.785728400000 Bar/Restaurant McDonald's - Shopping Macae SMC (SSID: WiFi McDonalds) Aluizio da Silva Gomes St., 800 Granja dos Cavaleiros, 27930560 Macae Brasil
  • 766570 -22.392191900000 -41.785043400000 Bar/Restaurant McDonald's - Macae (SSID: Oi WiFi) Carlos Augusto Tinoco Garcia Av., S/N Riviera Fluminense, 27937-590 Macae Brasil
  • 910210 -22.397895000000 -41.791385000000 Bar/Restaurant Mc Donald's (SSID: Linktel WiFi) S/Nº Av. Carlos Augusto T. Garcia, 27937-590 Macae Brasil
  • 768501 -22.388093900000 -41.802025800000 Store/Shopping Centre C&C - Macae (SSID: WiFi C&C) Rua: Aloisio da Silva Gomes St., 787 Granja Cavaleiros, 27930-560 Macae Brasil
  • 768761 -22.386705000000 -41.779018000000 Petrol Station Ipiranga - P Sao Joao De Macae Ltda (SSID: ampm WiFi) Jose Aguiar Franco St., S/N Costa do Sol, 27923320 Macae Brasil
  • 768758 -22.347078300000 -41.766194900000 Petrol Station Ipiranga - Posto Combust Ajuda De Cima De Macae (SSID: ampm WiFi) Hildebrando Alves Barbosa St., 5000 Parque Aeroporto, 27955410 Macae Brasil
  • 767685 -22.383670500000 -41.782746100000 Petrol Station Ipiranga - Posto L V De Macae Ltda (SSID: ampm WiFi) Carlos Augusto Tinoco Garcia Av., 1852 Jardim Sol Y Mar, 27940370 Macae Brasil
  • 767105 -22.384057100000 -41.775424600000 Petrol Station Ipiranga - P Princesinha Do Atlantico Ltda (SSID: ampm WiFi) Rui Barbosa Av., 1291 Alto Cajueiros, 27915011 Macae Brasil
  • 766699 -22.347240800000 -41.766416200000 Airport Lounge Aeroporto de Macae - RJ (SSID: Oi WiFi) Hildebrando Alves Barbosa Rd., S/N Parque Aeroporto, 27955410 Macae Brasil
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