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Wifi hotspots in Rio Claro: Find Trustive wireless internet access in Rio Claro, Brasil


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  • 768747 -22.406963000000 -47.560858800000 Bar/Restaurant McDonald's - Rio Claro Drive (SSID: Oi WiFi) Tres Av., 1410 Jd. Claret, 13500-392 Rio Claro Brasil
  • 767532 -22.354255400000 -47.553826700000 Bar/Restaurant Fran's Cafe - Rio Claro (SSID: Oi WiFi) 3 Av., nº 1450 Jardim Claret, 13503-251 Rio Claro Brasil
  • 766408 -22.412573400000 -47.555080400000 Bar/Restaurant McDonald's - Rio Claro Shopping (SSID: Oi WiFi) Conde Francisco Matarazzo Junior Av., 205 Vila Paulista, 13506-845 Rio Claro Brasil
  • 909690 -22.413911000000 -47.571010000000 Bar/Restaurant Mc Donald's (SSID: Linktel WiFi) 1410 Av 3, 13500-392 Rio Claro Brasil
  • 767184 -22.553990700000 -47.412255900000 Petrol Station Ipiranga - Auto Posto Ceu Azul De Rio Claro Ltda (SSID: ampm WiFi) 05 Av., 167 Centro, 13500270 Rio Claro Brasil
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