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Wifi hotspots in Vasto: Find Trustive wireless internet access in Vasto, Italy


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  • 309052 42.122950000000 14.710818000000 Bar/Restaurant Bar Walter (SSID: Via Ciccarone 109/A, 66054 Vasto Italy
  • 313763 42.118789000000 14.703420000000 Convention Centre Palazzetto dello sport di Vasto (SSID: micso.wifi) Via dei Cointi Riccio, I-66054 Vasto Italy
  • 568937 42.095770000000 14.723884900000 Hotel Hotel Twins (SSID: Guglielmo) Viale Dalmazia, 140, 66054 Vasto Italy
  • 313718 42.101135000000 14.718808000000 Office Informatica Barone (SSID: micso.wifi) V. Marchesani, 18, I-66054 Vasto Italy
  • 570432 42.104558800000 14.705871100000 Petrol Station Distributore di Vasto (SSID: wi-fi eni cafe) S.S. 16 Nord km 511, 66054 Vasto Italy
  • 570634 42.125259600000 14.703444800000 Petrol Station Distributore di Vasto_Corso Mazzini (SSID: wi-fi eni cafe) Corso Mazzini, 369, 66054 Vasto Italy
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