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Wifi hotspots in Chiayi: Find Trustive wireless internet access in Chiayi, Taiwan


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  • 230829 23.485334800000 120.476085300000 Bar/Restaurant WIFLY-CS-CHIAYI-85-00003 (SSID: WIFLY) No.246 You-ai Rd. Chiayi City, 600 Chiayi Taiwan
  • 230422 23.485334800000 120.476085300000 Bar/Restaurant Starbucks CHIAYI-00002 (SSID: WIFLY) No.539 Jhongsiao Rd. Chiayi City, 600 Chiayi Taiwan
  • 230831 23.547995400000 120.458805900000 Bar/Restaurant WIFLY-CS-CHIAYI-85-00005 (SSID: WIFLY) No.87 Jhongle Rd. Minsyong Township, 621 Chiayi Taiwan
  • 230827 23.479765000000 120.449777000000 Bar/Restaurant WIFLY-CS-CHIAYI-85-00001 (SSID: WIFLY) No.111 Jhongshan Rd. Chiayi City, 600 Chiayi Taiwan
  • 230828 23.478408000000 120.452349000000 Bar/Restaurant WIFLY-CS-CHIAYI-85-00002 (SSID: WIFLY) No.246 Guanghua Rd. Chiayi City, 600 Chiayi Taiwan
  • 230830 23.461350000000 120.241721000000 Bar/Restaurant WIFLY-CS-CHIAYI-85-00004 (SSID: WIFLY) No.169 Datong Rd. Puzih City, 613 Chiayi Taiwan
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