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Trustive, Low-cost, International WiFi Access


Trustive's International Mobile Broadband Internet Service Coverage in 138 countries

Trustive's international mobile broadband internet access service enables customers to connect either via 3G or via WiFi (if they are near a Trustive WiFi hotspot) in 138 countries worldwide.

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Use your mobile broadband internet credit however you want

International WiFi Access costs
€0.09 per minute

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WiFi billing is based purely on the duration of your session regardless of the quantity of data uploaded/downloaded or where you connect from. There is no connect fee for WiFi sessions.

Do you know you MiFi from your dongle?

Don't be caught out again! Check out Trustive's glossary for explanations about some of the most popular mobile internet terms.

Want to save money when roaming abroad?

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Switch to Trustive’s mobile internet service

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Share your 3G internet access with up to 5 WiFi devices

with the Trustive Mobile hotspot. Delivered pre-configured and ready for immediate use in 100 countries worldwide!