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Trustive, Low-cost, International WiFi Access


Apple MacBook witha NOKIA USB Dongle (CS-10)

  1. 1) What you need (inventory):

    1. You Trustive PASS information: Username & Password (received online and by postal mail with your SIM card).
    2. Your own device: Apple Mac Book.
    3. Your Trustive SIM CARD with APN ( and PIN code: xxxx (sent with your SIM card).
    4. Your NOKIA USB Dongle (CS-10)

  2. 2) Plug your NOKIA USB dongle

    Make sure the Trustive 3G Data SIM Card is installed correctly in the NOKIA USB dongle.
  3. 3) Install the NOKIA Internet Model

    Install the NOKIA Internet Model from the USB devices, following the instructions provided with your NOKIA USB Dongle.
  4. 4) Locate the NOKIA Internet Modem installed application

    > In your application folder:
    > In your docking bar:
  5. 5) Enter the PIN code

    The PIN Code is provided in your Trustive delivery letter. When prompted as follows, enter the PIN code:

  6. 6) NOKIA Internet Model

    When launching the NOKIA Internet Modem application for the first time you will get the following Setup Assistant:

    Click on "Continue" an get to the following screen:

    Click on "Create subscription" an get the following screen:

    Select "Entering all the information manually" and click on "Continue" to go to the next step.

  7. 7) Setup your Trustive Mobile Broadband account

    Enter your Trustive credentials

    Click on "Continue" and enter the Access Point Name (APN) as follows:

    Click on the "Create" and then "Finish" buttons to save your new location.

    Your setup is done and you are now ready to connect using your Trustive Mobile broadband SIM card.

  8. 8) Connect to the Internet

    Connect to the Internet by clicking on the Connect Button in the main window of the NOKIA Internet Modem

  9. 9) You are now Online with the Trustive 3G Data service

    You can also see the data used in real time as follows:

  10. 10) Disconnect

    Click on the Disconnect Button to terminate your Trustive 3G Data session