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Trustive, Low-cost, International WiFi Access


Your 'Trustive Mobile' personal WiFi hotspot

Pre-installed & pre-configured

  1. 1) What you need (inventory)

    You 'Trustive mobile' credit card sized personal WiFi hotspot, pre-installed with your Trustive 3G data roaming SIM card & pre-configured with your Trustive credentials out of the box (Buy a Trustive 3G data roaming account now)
  2. 2) How to connect using your 'Trustive Mobile' personal WiFi hotspot

    1. Turn on your 'Trustive Mobile'

      Once your 'Trustive Mobile' WiFi hotspot has successfully connected to a Trustive 3G network, the button / indicator light with turn blue and stop flashing
      Note: if the button indicator light continues to flash, this means that no Trustive 3G networks are available in that location.
    2. Select your favourite WiFi enabled device(s) that you want to connect to the Internet (up to 5 simultaneous connections are possible)
    3. Activate WiFi connections on your WiFi enabled device and select the 'trustivemobile' WiFi network
    4. Enter the default password provided 'trust' (only required the first time you connect to your 'Trustive Mobile' personal WiFi hotspot with each of your WiFi enabled devices)

      Note: Trustive recommends that you do, personalise the password for your Trustive Mobile personal wiFi hotspot by following the instructions in the manufacturer's guide. Once you have personalised this password, it is your responsibility to remember it. Trustive will have no visibility or record of the password you have chosen.
    5. You are now connected to your 'Trustive Mobile' personal WiFi hotspot and ready to access the Internet
  3. 3) How to disconnect from your 'Trustive Mobile' personal WiFi hotspot and terminate your 3G data roaming session

    1. Terminate the connection manually from your WiFi device(s)
    2. Simply turn of your 'Trustive Mobile' personal WiFi hotspot