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Combine the free “Brazil WiFi” app with a low-cost Brazil WiFi pass from Trustive & enjoy prepaid & secure WiFi access for just 0.08€/min (equivalent average 0.03€/MB) for VoIP, sharing photos & video clips & keeping in touch with your friends, family and favourite apps.


Brazil WiFi app for low-cost wifi in brazil and worldwide In preparation for the upcoming major events in Brazil in 2014, including the football that will start in Brazil in June 2014, Trustive is launching a free app, “Brazil WiFi”, available exclusively for Android devices (smartphone or tablets) along with a special prepaid WiFi pass of the same name so that when you visit one of the host cities in Brazil you can avoid the outrageous international roaming prices charged by mobile operators and use your VoIP or IM accounts or share photos or video clips using your favourite apps, via a low-cost and secure WiFi access.

Trustive, the European leader in WiFi Premium access, has integrated 4500 premium WiFi access hotspots in Brazil, including coverage in all host cities (Manaus, Fortaleza, Sao Paolo, Natal, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Recife, Brasilia, Porto Alegre, Cuiaba, Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro) and at the famous Copacabana beach. Trustive’s premium WiFi coverage is available at 90 international and regional airports, 2500 hotel, bar and restaurant sites as well as at 1750 shopping centre and other venues. 

Trustive's CTO, Rodolphe Savouré, hopes that the Brazil WiFi pass will provide peace of mind to travellers: “There continue to be regular stories in the news about bill shock suffered by customers running up high mobile bills during their trips abroad and whilst much noise has been made about the EU roaming caps that have come into force over recent years, these only extend as far as the EU borders.” 

“Outside of the EU, operators can charge whatever they wish and, once you’ve waded through the sea of confusing tariffs, international packages, add-ons and extra charges published by the main mobile operators, it is apparent that international data roaming charges are currently in the region of £4-£6 per MB (5€-7€ per MB). Costs can therefore quickly mount up. At 0,08€ per minute for VoIP voice calls (e.g. using Skype) or equivalent of 0.03€ per MB of data traffic, Trustive is offering a truly low-cost and prepaid WiFi access plan that travellers can rely upon during their trip; and top-up securely as and when required via any Trustive hotspot! Trustive has excellent coverage at the most visited sites, a low cost and prepaid approach that gives the traveller full control of their budget from the outset.” 

“The new "Brazil WiFi” app and pass will therefore enable travellers and football fans to share their experiences (e.g. via Skype, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter…), stay in touch with friends and family back home and generally stay connected with the peace of mind that they are getting the best possible value for money.”

In order to connect, travellers simply need to download the free “Brazil WiFi” app directly onto their Android smartphone or tablet, then follow the on screen instructions in order to register for a Brazil WiFi pass. The Brazil WiFi pass costs 48€ for 600 minutes of premium WiFi access (equivalent to 2GO of data) in Brazil or at any Trustive hotspots worldwide and with the “Brazil WiFi” app, detecting and connecting to Trustive hotspots couldn’t be simpler.

For more details about Trustive’s “Brazil WiFi” app and WiFi pass, please visit or search for “Brazil WiFi” in the Google Play store.


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Trustive provides travellers with comprehensive WiFi coverage by combining the hotspot locations of more than 80+ leading WiFi operators into one unified, global network of 700,000+ WiFi hotspots in 100 countries and allowing customers to access these locations through a single click. For more information about Trustive, please visit

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