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Trustive, Low-cost, International WiFi Access

Trustive's new mobile hotspot is now available!

Quick & easy 3G connectivity for your WiFi devices during your travels!

What is Trustive's mobile hotspot?

Trustive's lightweight, credit card sized, personal hotspot is the perfect travelling companion, giving Trustive customers seamless 3G internet access in 100 countries worldwide and enabling them to quickly and easily share this connection with up to 5 WiFi enabled devices (laptops, iPads, Google Phones, iPhones or any other WiFi enabled smartphones, cameras, game consoles, etc. ).

Whenever Trustive mobile broadband internet customers are not within range of a Trustive WiFi hotspot, then Trustive’s mobile hotspot is a quick and easy way of getting mobile internet access for up to 5 WiFi devices at any one time. This private and secure hotspot is delivered pre-configured for the customer’s personal use and is incredibly easy to use (with just one button - on/off), automatically connecting to Trustive’s international 3G network and thereby providing the ultimate in wireless freedom.


How do I get connected?

Get your low-cost Trustive mobile broadband internet pass before you leave home!
1.) Sign up for your mobile broadband internet pass
before you leave home & be sure to select the mobile hotspot option.

Seamless 3G access for WiFI devices with Trustive's new mobile hotspot

Note: You will be able to access Trustive’s WiFi service immediately and your pre-configured mobile hotspot (and SIM card) will be sent to you by courier upon receipt of your identification papers.

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2.) The mobile hotspot will be delivered pre-configured and ready for immediate use. Simply turn it on and away you go... Trustive mobile hotspot useage guide for seamless mobile internet access on the move

If you would like further assistance, please click here for a how to guide with step by step instructions on using Trustive's mobile hotspot.


Where can I connect?


low-cost mobile broadband internet access from TurstiveTrustive's 3G internet access service is available in 100 countries worldwide, which are split into 2 zones for billing purposes: Zone A and Zone B

3G Mobile broadband access
€0.90 per session plus:
€0.15 per 100KB in Zone A
€1.5 per 100KB in Zone B

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3G mobile internet billing is dependent on where you connect from (Zone A or Zone B) and is based on the quantity of data you upload and download (in 100KB increments) whilst connected, regardless of the duration of your session.

Worlwide mobile internet access with Trustive's mobile broadband service

Trustive's mobile internet pass also includes access to Trustive's network of 220,000 premium WiFi hotspots.
Trustive's international WiFi hotspot network currently includes:

  • 38,500 bars and restaurants
  • 750 airports
  • 35,000 hotels
  • 1700 campsites
  • 400 marinas
  • plus hundreds of train stations, bus stations, convention centres, petrol stations, shopping centres, outdoor / city wide locations, leisure parks and tourist attractions.

    WiFi billing is based purely on the duration of your session regardless of the quantity of data uploaded/downloaded or where you connect from. There is no connect fee for WiFi sessions.

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    WiFi & 3G access in one easy to use pass!

    Trustive’s mobile broadband internet service combines 3G mobile internet access and WiFi access in one flexible, low-cost pass and offers coverage in 150 countries, including at 220,000 premium WiFi hotspots. Sign up for your mobile broadband internet pass today and get immediate access to Trustive’s WiFi network. Access to the 3G mobile internet service is possible as soon as you’ve received your Trustive data SIM card.