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Trustive, Low-cost, International WiFi Access


A WiFi service for « premium » hotels

Travellers and in particular foreign customers are on the look out for individuality, originality and design. Turning their backs on the large hotel chains, travellers are looking for establishments with a more personal feel of about 20 or 30 rooms/suites. As owners and managers of this type of 'design' or 'boutique' hotel, you need to satisfy these customers, who mix business with pleasure and who will not travel without their iPhone, Blackberry, MacBook or laptop computer.

Outside of their home countries, your customers will be looking for a high-speed internet connection in order to avoid the nasty surprises and extra charges associated with international roaming on 3G networks or the obligatory service cuts (in accordance with the EU recommendations) by their mobile operators when they've reached the 50 Euros limit for internet surfing.

From your point of view, the new rules for the awarding of stars will make you consider equipping your hotel with either internet via cable or with the famous WiFi (wireless internet).

Trustive and its partners can help you. Here are some of the main issues that you should take into consideration:

  • Free or Paid? That's up to you but remember that your clients aren't naïve.
    • Free, you incorporate the cost of the service in the price of the room (whether a customer uses it or not) or you finance the service through advertisements.
    • Paid, such a service will still be competitive in comparison with 3G connections and will also have the advantage of openness: 'your pay for what you use'
  • If you decide to offer your customers a WiFi service (either free or paid), this decision gives rise to certain legal obligations for the provider, with regards to the conservation of traffic data in accordance with the 'Code des Postes et des Telecommunications Electroniques' (code for workstations and electronic telecommunications, article L.34-1 and following). This data conservation has a cost. Thus, in addition to your internet access obtained from a local provider (your 'professional box' is not sufficient) you must also :
    • Make a declaration to Ofcom
    • Make a declaration to the office of Information Commissioner
    • Put in place an accurate system for the identification of users and for logging their traffic, as well as make provision for complying with new European and national legislation which may soon be passed.

Finally, you must:

  1. Select and install a WiFi infrastructure which will supply a quality internet connection (attention, the quality of the service will reflect upon the image of your hotel and your customer service
  2. Develop a personalised welcome page for your establishment as well as draw up the recommendations for your customers regarding the use of this type of connection (terms and conditions governing access, use, security, conservation of personal data, reminders regarding prevailing legislation...
  3. Ensure the service is adequately monitored and maintained so that it is operational 24/7 and respects local legislation.

The alternative is to click here and contact us today!

In conjunction with our partners, we are a WiFi service provider in 130 countries with 180,000 premium locations, including 32,000 hotels. We propose a solution that is tailored to meet your requirements, enabling you to provide a high quality service, whilst freeing yourself from the associated complexity and legal obligations. You will also feature in Trustive's international WiFi network, which is currently N°1 in Europe.