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Trustive, Low-cost, International WiFi Access


Seamless mobile internet access in up to 138 countries, including at 1.000,000 premium hotspots...

... Dedicated to travellers!

WiFi Internet Access

1.000,000 premium hotspots in 100 countries

Prepaid WiFi account

If you need WiFi access occasionally or for a finite period of time (for example during an overseas trip), choose a WiFi pass from the list below for great value with no long term commitment:
€15Trustive Prepaid 150
  • Includes 150 minutes WiFi access
  • Valid 1 month from first use
€80 Trustive Prepaid 2000
  • Includes 2000 minutes WiFi access
  • Valid 6 month from first use
  • Only 0.04€ per minute!
€50 Trustive Prepaid 600
  • Includes 600 minutes WiFi access
  • Valid 6 month from first use

Monthly WiFi subscription

Frequent travellers who rely heavily on WiFi to stay connected whilst on the move should choose a WiFi pass from the list below in order to get the best possible value for money:
€25 Trustive Freedom
  • Monthly subscription account
  • Includes 7 hours access per month
  • 1 month notice of cancellation after 6 month minimum contract period

3G + WiFi access

Maximum coverage with WiFi and 3G in 138 countries

Mobile broadband internet access pass

  • - Trustive pass is valid for 12 months
  • - Trustive SIM Card: Note that to receive your SIM card you must fax (to +33 493 65 21 56) or e-mail (to copies of your identity papers to Trustive.
€15 One-off, worldwide shipping fees
Option: Additional credit
  • + €45 credit
  • + €60 credit
  • Special offers
  • + €100 and get an extra 10 Euros free credit!
  • + €150 and get an extra 15 Euros free credit!
  • + €200 and get an extra 20 Euros free credit!
€150 Option: USB Dongle
If you don't already have an unlocked USB dongle, order a Nokia internet CS-10 USB key
€250 Option: Trustive Mobile
Have your own personal WiFi hotspot with the Trustive Mobile device

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Share your 3G internet access with up to 5 WiFi devices

with the Trustive Mobile hotspot. Delivered pre-configured and ready for immediate use in 100 countries worldwide!

Free WiFi software for computers & smartphones...

Detect & automate access to Trustive WiFi hotspots with our range of WiFi software.

For more information, visit Trustive's download centre today.